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MS Outlookę ArchivER

This is a limited version. This version will run a process only 20 Outlookę Items (Contact, Mail Message, Post, etc.).
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MS Outlookę PagER

This is a 30 day limited version. This version will only run with 32-BIT versions of Office.
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IT Works ManagER

This is a This is a limited version. This version is fully functional but has limits on the number of items allowed in the Management Database.
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Domain Access Object (DAO)

This is the full version. If not purchased and properly registered, this object will function for 30 days. It has the full functionality and an annoyance screen, until registered. If this object is NOT registered, it can only be used in an interactive session (a user session), not from a service such as our Advanced Remote Management Service or Microsoft's Task Scheduler. (Updated August 20, 2000)
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ServicER (Advanced Remote Management Service)

This is a limited version. This version will run only the following applications CHARMAP, NOTEPAD, WINFILE, REGEDIT, and WINHLP32. It will list only the first 5 processes and 2 windows. All of the single operation functions such as Process Termination or Priority Changing are not functional in this version. Included is a rudimentary command line "test" program.


This is a limited version. This version will run a process on only 3 remote computers. It will not run any processes locally, it will just show the command line it would have ran.
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IT Works Database ManagER

This is a This is a limited version. This version is fully functional but is limited to 1 server and 1 Database.
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Free Downloads

MS Exchange/ Outlookę Profile Generator

An automated MS Exchange/Outlook profile generator. (without VB Runtime components)

MS Exchange/ Outlookę Profile Generator Runtime Files

MS Exchange/Outlook Profile Generator VB Runtime components.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Here is the description from VNC's home page: "VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing.

It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures."

VNC Programs

VNC Programs & Source

We have added the ability to utilize NT security instead of a local password on each NT computer. So, this version of the VNC Server MUST run on a NT/2000 computer. This version will also utilize a domain group to allow remote connections. This software is provided "AS IS" complete with source code. We have provided 2 downloads, programs only or programs and source code. These do NOT have any installation programs or documentation! For that, you must see VNC's Web Site. This is just the compiled programs and source code to utilize NT security.

Note: You MUST set VNC's local password to anything (it can not be empty) before utilizing NT security (we recommend garbage password i.e., "sj7rhfg%$e*&sh @1").

Source Code/Examples

(Notice: All Source code is provided AS-IS. Use at your own risk. System Management Technologies, Inc. makes no written or implied warranties of this code.)

Create a Process on a Terminal Server Session's Desktop

This example will run a process on any terminal session's desktop as either the calling process or as another user if the calling process has the SE_TCB_NAME privilege. Click here for the Source Code.

This program requires Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

Thanks goes to Frank Kim of Microsoft for his help. See Frank's article in MSDN and/or October 1999 Microsoft Systems Journal "Introducing the Terminal Services APIs for Windows NT Server and Windows 2000" by Frank Kim.

On this page you will find tools and utilities available for download. These may be used in accordance with the README.TXT file in each ZIP file. These utilities may be registered to remove the splash screens and enable the full functionality.

If you have any questions regarding these tools or any other tools, including how to use them, send e-mail to

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