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At SMT, our customers come to us because they are looking for a better way to manage and control their investments in networks, software and hardware. The IT role in corporations is to enable companies to meet and exceed business objectives. No longer relegated to a business support function, IT is a key driver of your business, no matter what business you are in.

Continuing improvements in the price and performance of information technology has made it possible to utilize more hardware and software in solving business problems. Coupled with the variability of workloads and evolving requirements, IT managers are always looking for more efficient ways to deal with increasing network complexity and optimally allocate resources.

IT Works can significantly improve and automate the process of change management, removing much of the ever increasing maintenance and support burden from IT personnel. Automating the process of managing, updating and repairing software, applications and systems, lets IT managers focus their attention on improving and adding functionality and performance, instead of just maintaining the status quo.

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Are you:

  • Migrating to a new operating system?
  • Upgrading software or hardware?
  • Creating virtual environments?
  • Overburdened and never able to get ahead of the support demand?
  • Dealing with security issues that are caused by not being current on updates and patches?
  • Answering support calls that are caused by users changing configurations or adding software to the systems?
  • Installing or updating complex systems that require substantial amounts of time to install and configure?
  • Having to hire outside services to assist your support staff?
  • Expanding IT responsibilities with no additional support staff or budget?

If you or your staff is looking for solutions to these situations, then read our success stories and see how we have solved these problems for other corporations.  

AT SMT, we have the solution you are looking for.

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