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Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are facing a unique combination of challenges today. Customers are demanding more flexible access to their financial information, security concerns are greater, financial pressure is greater, and more regulation. The common factor in all of these challenges is technology. Technology either directly drives or supports these initiatives.

To be competitive in today’s market, customers are demanding more access to their financial accounts through the web and mobile devices. The ability to attract customers is driven by your offering of these new access and communication points. These new contact points are about convenience and driving the brand loyalty.

More regulation has come into play with the activities of the last few years and much of this oversight is again, based in technology. The ability to prove compliance with these new regulations is based on reporting where most of the information is provided via technology. And of course efficiency is driving financial business more than ever before.

The IT staff is being asked to participate in driving business in a new way. Coupled with the variability of workloads and evolving requirements, IT managers are always looking for more efficient ways to deal with this increasing complexity and more optimally allocate resources. IT Works can significantly improve and automate the process of change management which in turn can remove much of this relentlessly increasing burden from IT personnel. Automating the process of managing, updating and repairing software, applications and systems lets IT managers focus their attention on improving and adding functionality and performance, instead of just maintaining the status quo.

  • Providing more strategic focus.  IT is a key business partner involved in creating innovation requiring IT personnel to invest more time in strategic activities. And there will always be daily, much needed tasks IT performs to keep your business engine running. IT Works solutions enables your  staff to automate the majority of these tasks associated with their support efforts, providing them the valuable time to focus on initiatives that put you ahead of your competition.
  • Simplifying system complexity. As the boundaries between internal and external support have blurred, the IT department now has to deliver services to external partners, directly to customers, as well as to internal corporate staff resulting in more system support complexity. IT Works provides the ability to manage a wide variety of devices servicing a myriad audiences enhancing service to all of your “customers.”
  • Increasing system flexibility. IT is tasked with contributing to the strategic efforts of the enterprise organization. Part of this effort is responding to business process changes quickly and flexibly in order to make changes in computing environments. IT Works provides transparency and the capability to change system configurations quickly and easily. When migrations or new systems are installed, the majority of this effort can be automated.
  • Decreasing security risk. As systems become more accessible to a variety of users, risk has dramatically increased. The possible infiltration of internal computing environments is now part of daily security monitoring. It is imperative that software upgrades, virus and security patches are kept current. IT Works provides a tighter regulation of software-to-computer administration reducing the possibility of errant software being loaded on part of a network. There also is a complete change log for each machine which provides details of the changes to any machine.
  • Simplifying support logistics.  Logistics make it more challenging to manage much of the computer equipment because it may not be “on-site”. With distributed company networks, you may have multiple retail outlets, kiosks, branch locations, or a “super sized” facility. IT Works provides the ability to manage systems remotely, allowing enterprise wide management from a single console or screen, reducing the requirements for the IT staff to physically travel to each device location.

The IT Works Solutions streamlines the operations of supporting and managing the life cycle of end point computers and servers. IT Works capabilities deliver increased speed and flexibility to respond to business changes, lowers risk of running unauthorized software, increased efficiencies, streamlined workflows, and lower costs.

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