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Our History

You may not know who we are, but if you attended the Honeywell Users Group (HUG) Symposium 1998, you may have seen our presentation on Hands Free Building, Networking and Securing of TPS/GUS stations in a Microsoft Windows NT domain. We were Texaco employees at the time and left shortly thereafter to form System Management Technologies, Inc. (SMT). We have been automating system builds (servers and workstations) for some of the major process automation vendors and for business workstations and servers. Our build process is virtually hands free. It can be totally hands free if you use PXE (i.e., Network Booting via Ethernet) to initiate a build. For an Experion build, we start with the Experion Init DVD and add our custom tools to automate the input into the prompts and buttons. Experion will then install and when complete, our processes begin. We verify a domain join and then begin adding additional software, custom configuring of the Operating System and Experion System if needed. Our processes can and will make all the settings, changes or customizations that you make on the systems in order to make them ready for operations. We have even automated (with or without user confirmation) a redundant server pair migration. Our software is a great tool to build, manage and migrate your systems. Visit our Facebook page to find out more of how we can help on server and workstation builds on the Process Control Network (PCN).

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