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Installation & Training

When you purchase one of our software product, you have taken the first step toward automating repetitive tasks in your IT environment. Our training and consulting services will get you to the next level. We work closely with you to design a complete program of training and support services that ensure you realize the maximum value from your IT Works investment.

Consulting Services

  • Launch Programs
    Our first priority is to assist you to successfully implement IT Works within your organization. Our professional services staff will work with you to customize our launch program for maximum benefit in the shortest period of time. We have a complete line of services options from providing turnkey delivery to working with your staff to maximize knowledge transfer.
  • Maintenance and Optimization
    As your environment changes or you have additional challenges, we are available to assist.  In addition, we offer a ‘Health Check’ program to determine if there are additional ways to optimize the product benefit in your environment.

Classroom Training

We strongly encourage key stakeholders to participate in our training classes. The classroom experience provides a complete overview of product capabilities and the time to focus on learning without the constant distractions of daily work.

  • Site Coordinator Class (1 day)
    This basic class teaches how to operate the system after all machines have been defined and all software delivered and loaded. Participant will leave the class with the knowledge and skill to actually begin the deployment and build process. This class is mandatory for key personnel
  • Site Administrators Class (4 days)
    This class teaches how to set-up and configure the system, create packaging, and begin the deployment and build process. The Site Administrator Class is highly recommended and provides comprehensive information about the core functionality of the system including adding and configuring nodes, adding new software, managing the nodes, SystemSync, applying change controls, backing up and restoring, comparing node settings and databases and more.
  • Customized Classes
    Although our two core classes provide sufficient information for users to optimize the ROI of our product line, occasionally it makes sense to provide customized training programs. We typically find this useful in situations where customers have unique environments or a very large implementation.
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